His name is Humphrey.
He is a flat coated retriever. 
He comes home on Friday.

His name is Humphrey.

He is a flat coated retriever. 

He comes home on Friday.

it’s not productive to your cause to call me a skinny bitch and put me down to my face.

*throws glitter in the air and runs away*

cuntconundrum asked: i feel like the generation gap between lesbians these days is completely based on whether you hate Jenny or Larry more...




Suddenly I feel really old!

carobelle replied to your photo “oh look.”


merp. thanks friend.

oh look.

oh look.


Shameless bridesmaid selfies

my friends are all beautiful?


celebrating a real (read: gay) wedding looks

gonna reblog all the selfies from my wedding day because my friends are heckin’ cute.

Reading a very cliche book on recovery





Nothing less than a fairytale


Nothing less than a fairytale

ok so the wedding is in 5 days and my nana is in the hospital because she had a heart attack. she had surgery and we’re pretty sure she’s going to be ok.

but i’m exhausted and stressed and i want to sleep forever.


hi friends. so i know #thin bodies is catching on and i just have a few thoughts about it.

i understand that since i do not experience life as a fat person there are facets of this issue that i haven’t considered (and please do bring these to my attention if you’re comfortable with that and it relates to the discussion), but as someone who has suffered from an eating disorder there are a few situations where the use of this tag makes me uncomfortable.

i definitely wholeheartedly support the use of the tag when reblogging things like runway photosets, celebrity/model photoshoots, or screencaps from fashion magazines. tbh i would love if that kind of imagery was consistently tagged enough to blacklist it since i used to use those kinds of images as “thinspo” and sometimes find them triggering. to me, thin bodies seems like an appropriate tag to use in this instance.

what i am uncomfortable with are things like reblogging people’s selfies (or uploading your own pictures of friends) and employing that tag without their consent, or going to someone’s blog and asking them to tag their selfies as such. i feel like in that situation you’re either applying or asking someone to apply a label to their body that they may be uncomfortable with or incapable of assigning to themselves.

just because a person appears to you to be objectively thin does not mean they are able to see themselves that way, and having someone else reblog your selfie and attach that tag without asking you can be extremely disorienting and triggering for people struggling with eating disorders or distorted self-image. some people with eating disorders or other disorders relating to self-perception literally have such a distorted way of seeing and feeling and experiencing their own bodies that it is impossible for them to see their own bodies in the ways that other people see them.

on the other hand, within a group where this tag is commonly used for selfies, NOT tagging a reblog with this tag may be equally triggering and harmful for people with eating disorders. speaking from experience, when a person with an eating disorder sees this tag being used it becomes both a fear and an obsession. you become afraid that you are not thin enough for people to use that tag when they reblog your posts, and start to focus on finding reasons why someone may not have used that tag for your body and “fixing” them.

i have tagged exactly one of my own selfies with #thin bodies because my body was intentionally positioned in a way that i know made me appear very thin. i don’t tag my other selfies that way because tbh i’m really uncomfortable attaching that label to myself since it brings up a lot of painful memories and triggering and confusing feelings since i am often still unable to conceive of myself that way. i post less selfies because i am afraid that since i am often told that i’m extremely thin someone is going to ask me to start tagging pictures of myself that way.

please please PLEASE if nothing else at least ASK someone before you reblog their selfie and attach that tag to it to make sure it’s not going to trigger or otherwise harm them. people have complex and unique ways of relating to their own bodies. it’s unfortunate that we live in a culture that pushes so many people into unhealthy relationships with the ways they see their bodies, but recognizing that this needs to be changed doesn’t instantly make those problems go away or require less sensitivity.

this is important to me.

and part of the reason i’m not on tumblr or posting pictures of myself as much…..


There’s a wedding shower for @asideeffectoflife and @lesbianbridetobe and it’s exciting or something

this human is in my wedding.

she’s gonna be gorgeous.